Video Editing & Production

Ventures in Video, Inc., has provided video editing and production services for Northern Virginia and all the neighboring area since 1983. Its studio is located in Falls Church, VA., where clients may sit and work personally with a professional video editor to create a specific video piece. That same edited video piece can then be reproduced as a DVD, Digital file (thumb drive for PC or TVs) and/or become a link online for anyone to view anywhere in the world. The most up-to-date version of Adobe Premiere is the application used. It can be exported into any other format requested.

Common Video Editing Projects

With over 40 years of video production experience, you can be assured that we can help you with all your video projects. 
  • Video Editing

    We can provide video taping services for any event as well as edit the shoot. Whether a private or public event VIV can provide professional sound, lights and filming for all of it.

    Color Correction

    Sometimes in an older film it happens that color is washed out or imbalanced with too much black or green. Our editors can correct such a video to have a more natural look.

    Audio Correction and enhancement

    Audio cassettes and reels often need editing for speed and noise correction, along with pitch adjustment and editing of levels to make the audio sound perfect. 

Video Editing Pricing

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Our rates start at $75 per hour, and we do not include export time. 
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