We specialize in Digitizing any form of Video tape to digital format of mp4 for easy back up and sharing. We can also produce DVDs or even a new format called M-DISC.
$30 per SP tape vhs/c, Video8, hi8, digital8, miniDV, 
         DVCam, Betamax, SUPER VHS
$20 per SP tape above that is under 30 minutes.
$50 per tape for U-Matic, BetacamSP, or DigitalBeta
$50 per tape for
Discount on 10+ Tapes
$15 per tape additional for PAL or SECAM
$15 for additional hours on LP tapes
$20 for tape repair – splicing & joining
$20 for tape assembly replacement
Extra cost for extremely moldy tapes, but often moldy tapes can be run without extra cost


VIV can scan your printed photos and negatives at our Falls Church location. Our technician is a professional photographer and will shoot for the highest quality possible.
Photo Scanning: 35 cents per photo
Manual Photo Scanning: $1 a photo
Album Photo Scanning: $35 per album, $1 per photo
Slide Scanning: 80 cents per slide
Negative Scanning: $1 per photo

20% Discount on 500+ Photos or Slides!


"Ventures is thrilled to announce our latest offering: high-definition digitization services for 8mm, 16mm, and Super 8mm films! If your precious memories were previously transferred to VHS or DVD formats, now is the perfect time to upgrade to HD. Re-digitizing your films in high definition can breathe new life into them, bringing out details and colors you may not have seen before. Experience your memories like never before with Ventures' HD digitization services!"
$0.30/Ft. HD 8mm or Super8 (As low as $15 per reel)
$0.40/Ft. HD 16mm (As low as $20 per reel)
$20 per DVD (max 2 hours)

Check out a sample of our 8mm HD video!


VIV can digitize your audio cassettes to either mp3 or lossless Wav quality. If you desire the tracks to be split up into separate tracks, there is a small charge for that.
$20 – Audio Cassette to mp3 or Wav
$30 – Cassette with editing into tracks
+$10 for noise reduction, per tape generally


Recording audio to reels was popular before recording to cassettes became the easier way. Some Audio Reels can have multiple tracks and we can edit the audio to correct for slow downs or audio too fast.
$50 – per reel for up to 2 hours
+$10 per hour, max of $100 per Reel


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