Photo & Album Scanning

Ventures in Video also specializes in scanning all types of photos, including prints, negatives, slides and even full albums!
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What we can scan


starts at 35 cents a photo
NEW SERVICE! We are proud to announce a cost effective scanning solution for printed photos!  If you have photos that are "Clean and stacked" we can scan them for as little as 35 cents per photo!


As low as 50 cents each
We have a special scanner that can handle large amounts of 35mm slides and we are happy to offer the service to you.  Color correction, auto exposure and dust & scratch removal are available. 


starts at $1 a photo
We can handle the scanning of any negatives and the prices start at $1 a photo.   Negatives are a little more difficult to scan so we have to charge a bit more for this service but the quailty is very good. 


Starts at $35 per album
Photo album scanning starts at $35 per album and $1 per photo.  We have developed a way of scanning albums easily without destroying or adjusting the images set in the albums.  Contact us for more information. 

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