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Ventures in Video, Inc. has provided services in a variety of forms to the legal community since 1983. In that time we have become extremely knowledgeable with the practices and procedures that make up the majority of you business, including the need for discretion and confidentiality. In representing your firm, each of our technicians is on time, appropriately attired and equipped to handle almost any situation.


Our technician will arrive one hour prior to the deposition to set up and conduct a quality check. Lavaliere microphones are routinely provided for up to four participants, and the time and date are recorded onto all tapes. In addition to recording two video tapes on-site simultaneously, we also provide an audio tape to the court reporter as a courtesy. As a safety precaution we carry backup equipment as well. With advance notification we can also handle special situations, such as dual camera shoots and picture-within-a-picture requirements. In conducting all depositions, we follow guidelines set for federal standards, which tend to be more stringent than those set at the state level.


For courtroom videotape playbacks, two separate monitors are provided — one for the jury and one for the judge. (In some instances, when permissible, we could project onto a 6 or 8 ft. screen instead of relying on video monitors.) Our on-site technician provides active editing, following the transcript or established objection log. And, over the course of many years, we have become familiar with most of the state and federal courtrooms in the metro area.

Production / Post

Ventures in Video also specializes in production unique to the legal field. Video documents can have a major impact on many cases, particularly where it is necessary to "see" a situation to fully comprehend it. The "day-in-the-life" of a severely injured person, conditions at a factory, residence or construction site, visual inventories of property for insurance purposes — these are but a few examples of video documents. Other applications include will singings and accident reconstructions or reenactments, as well as conferences, meetings or presentations. In addition, we can completely fulfill any post-production need including linear and non-linear editing, format transfers from analog to digital media (including livenote video synching for depositions on CD-ROM), and both analog and digital duplication. Equipment is also available for rent, either with or without a technician.


First Hour of Deposition

One hour set-up time included. For travel beyond a 25-mile radius of our office, up to an additional 25-miles, add $50.00. Beyond a 75-mile radius, travel fee to be determined by quote.


Each Additional Hour of Service

Charged in 1/2 hour increments


Cancellation Fees — up to two hours prior to scheduled service

No cancellation fees apply when our office is notified more than two hours prior to service.


Additional VHS Copies of Deposition — per tape
Back-up Equipment
No Charge
Audio Cassette of Deposition
No Charge
Provided, as a courtesy, to the cour reporter on site.  

A copy of the videotape deposition will be sent to your office along with a copy of the objection log and our invoice. Ventures in Video will keep the other videotape on file in our library for a period of two years.

Courtroom Video Playbacks are subject to the same rates as depositions. Remember, however, that in some cases it may be necessary for you to obtain and provide to us a permission letter from the court stating that we will be allowed to bring equipment and a technician into the courthouse for the specific date(s) of the playback.



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